This podcast is a celebration Podcast about our lives and our 20 year marriage. We’ll tell you everythings about us! Nothing is off limits you never know what you can expext to hear. The best disrcption of this Podcast is Random, Random, Random. Email us Everythingswallowpodcast@gmail.com

Episode 271_Life cancels life.

October 20th, 2021

We have canceled our Halloween party

Classy is moving in and Life is nuts

Sean & Shaina

Episode 270_Sean met someone with the same last name.

October 11th, 2021

Sean has never met another person with the last name Swallow, it was pretty cool and he thinks that maybe they are related. 

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Love you guys! 

Sean & Shaina

We have a new computer!! 10_5_21

October 6th, 2021

Good evening and welcome to the Everythingswallowpodcast!


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Love ya!

Sean & Shaina


September 25th, 2021

Episode 267 Some days are harder than others. 9_13_21

September 13th, 2021

We have been feeling a bit defeated lately and wanted to talk to you, our friends about what is going on. 

If you are having bullshit in your life and want to talk about it, email us. 


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Love you all 

Sean & Shaina

Episode 266. We are living in a fucked up world. Are you? 09_07_21

September 7th, 2021

So many things in our lives have gone haywire and we are wondering if you are experiencing them as well? 

episode 263 Sean meets his youngest son

August 7th, 2021

Sean has another son.

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Episode 262 We had happy hump day, Did YOU?

July 28th, 2021

We talk about what is going on in our lives, a story about a mouth sore, Olympics talk and activating your own magic. 


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visit the website. Everythingswallow.com

Love you all 

Sean & Shaina

Episode 261 Happy Friday Shot, Shot, Shot! 042421

July 24th, 2021

There is a lot of crazy stuff going on these days and our friend Classy Little Cupcake has be a victim of theft! 


Be safe out there people we love you all 

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Luv Ya! 

Sean & Shaina

Episode 260 It’s Hump day and Hot one at that. Marlon pops in. 070821

July 8th, 2021

It has been a busy hot ass July so far. Happy Hump day we are talking about what we have going on in life.

We re-cap our party from last week

Swimming at Chatfield Res this Sunday all are welcome

visit us at Everythingswallow.com

email us at Everythingswallowpodcast@gmail.com

love you


Sean & Shaina

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